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A Message to the Parties and Litigants:

   Are you ready to avoid or stop your wearisome litigation battle and expenses? Are you ready to help shape a creative solution to end your dispute and move forward? It all starts with Mediation –a private, confidential process that can provide a safety valve and escape from the never-ending costs and hassles of pursuing litigation through trial and appeals.

   In Mediation, both parties and their attorneys convene for a day at a neutral site, led by me, a “professional neutral” –a certified mediator—whose sole goal is not to take sides or impose a settlement. Instead, my role is to facilitate communication, break the current deadlock, and help the parties and counsel craft their own acceptable solution to your controversy before you leave my offices.

   In essence, each side gets their confidential venting and “day in court,” explaining and exploring what you need most to compromise your claims and concerns, but without having to endure continuing and mounting legal costs and the invasive and very public burdens of litigation. Both parties come together initially in a spirit of cooperation and then to visit with me privately, as we discover and reveal your bottom-lines. This gives you the opportunity to confidentially explore a workable compromise that lets both sides get back to your families, your lives and your work –leaving behind the animosity and anger and ending the litigation forever.

   I’m a seasoned former trial lawyer and Merger and Acquisition corporate attorney, so I understand the legal process, litigation and how to negotiate a win/win deal. During almost 25 years of my former law practice, I’ve been through some 60 mediations and 17 arbitrations. I’ve seen first-hand how 90%+ of even the thorniest of cases, nevertheless, end-up settling through the magic of Mediation.

   This is your special chance to regain control over your life, to set aside just one day to avoid the prolonged and public discovery battles, endless hearings, and short-circuit the continued financial and emotional drain of protracted litigation. Rather than leave your fate in the hands of a mercurial judge or gambling on the wisdom of a “jury of your peers,” Mediation puts you back in the driver’s seat. Together, we can assess the risks and costs of continued legal battles vs. the simplicity and finality of striking a fair and balanced resolution that all sides can accept.

   The other Sections, below, will explain and guide you through the basics of the Mediation process and answer the most common and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). But for now, take comfort in the fact that Mediation is a time-honored, proven and highly effective tool that can help you quickly and conveniently “Get to Yes.” By finding a workable solution in mediation, LoneStar Mediation can help you get back to your work and family and move on with your life, putting past problems behind you. Almost 90% of all litigation cases end-up settling in Mediation, so you now have the opportunity to leave the Mediation with a clean slate and move on to the next, best phase of your work and life. But it all starts with a call or email to Andy@LoneStar MediationLLC, where we specialize in problem-solving in a day. I look forward to hearing from and working together with you or your attorney soon.